Violence against women

Violence against women


Today, more than ever, volunteers are an essential element of The Salvation Army’s services. In times of economic hardship we are facing increasing demands for services while coping with funding cutbacks. Being a volunteer brings a sense of purpose to one’s life and provides the satisfaction that comes only from having a positive and lasting influence on someone else’s life.

It can be a hugely rewarding experience!

At the Salvation Army Honeychurch Family Life Resource Centre we have various staff to run our shelter and to help moms and children with many of their needs, but without the assistance of our volunteers and community connections we could offer only the most basic of services.

Our shelter is a short term temporary emergency shelter for moms and children fleeing domestic violence. While moms and their children are residing here, we offer them a tremendous amount of support, guidance, programs and education in various ways. Our goal is to help empower our clients to either become or remain confident, strong and self-reliant.

Volunteers play an essential role in ensuring the smooth operation of our shelter. Their commitment and dedication to the work that we do enables us to do so much more than our budgets would normally allow.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer here at The Salvation Army Honeychurch Family Life Resource Centre please contact us. Our Coordinator of Volunteer Services will provide details and help you through the process. Please note that because of the sensitive nature of what we do and the services we provide, everyone who wishes to volunteer must undergo our screening and applicant selection process.