Violence against women

Violence against women


We offer the following services:

We offer professional counselling on a one to one basis. We primarily work with abuse issues and the effects of abuse on clients. We offer short and longer term counselling. Counselling sessions are generally one hour in length and are scheduled regularly according to both client and counsellor availability.

Psychoeducational Groups
We offer a variety of psychoeducational groups between the months of September and June each year. These are small groups, no more than 10 clients per group. They are interactive in nature and are primarily educational in nature. Groups are offered in both daytime and evening time slots.
Each year the following core groups are offered: ” Free Yourself from Abuse ” How to Recognize Safe People ” Setting Healthy Boundaries ” Healthy Self-Esteem ” Building Healthy Relationships ” Anger Management
Additional group topics will be offered at various times during a year according to client need and interest.

Legal Support
We are not lawyers and therefore cannot give legal advice. We do however, provide legal information, brochures and booklets which contain a great deal of information about the legal system and the rights of women. Our staff are familiar with the contents of these booklets. We can assist a client in locating a lawyer in the area. We are also able to provide court support for both family court and criminal court cases related to domestic violence issues.

Client Advocacy
Many of our clients are involved with a variety of different community agencies or would benefit from this involvement. We provide advocacy in assisting clients to connect with other agencies.