Violence against women

Violence against women


Not all abuse is seen for what it really is by those who are suffering it. Take this simple test to see if you are being subjected to abuse.

If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, consider getting help today.

1. Does your partner destroy or threaten to destroy your possessions or hurts things that are of value to you?
2. Does your partner ever force you to engage in sexual activities (including but not limited to preventing you from having safe sex or using contraception)?
3. Does your partner prevent you from leaving your home, using the telephone, the internet, or interacting with family/friends or control your activities?
4. Has your partner ever hit, kicked or physically harmed you or your children? Have they ever threatened to hurt you or your children? Do they intimidate you with actions?
5. Does he/she call you names? Make fun of you in front of others?
6. Does he/she tell you no one would ever want you if you left them?
7. Does he/she treat you well in public but horrible in private/behind closed doors?
8. Does he/she tell you he/she can’t help losing their temper or that you made them do it?
9. Your partner does not allow you to make any decisions, they make all the decisions?
10. Are you forced to give your partner all your money, or do you have to ask for an allowance, show receipts of items you have bought?
11. Does he ask you millions of questions when you have gone out? Do they think you are seeing other people? Have you ever been accused of cheating on your partner?
12. Does your partner forbid you to practice your religion or spiritual beliefs or are you forced to believe in your partner’s faith?
13. Are you afraid to voice your own opinion because you are afraid of what your partner may say or do?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions or have questions about your partner’s behaviour call 905-451-4115 now to speak with someone.