Violence against women

Violence against women


The Outreach Counsellor provides follow-up support to women after they are discharged from the shelter. This includes emotional and practical support, referrals, and advocacy.

The Outreach Counsellor reaches out to the community by doing presentations at various organizations (counselling agencies, settlement agencies, multicultural agencies, schools, churches, health clinics, employment centres, shelters, etc.) to discuss the programs and services offered at the shelter as well as providing information about domestic violence.

The Outreach Counsellor also meets with women who walk into the shelter looking for help, or who need to ask someone for more information.

Life Skills Group
The Outreach Counsellor coordinates Life Skills groups by bringing in presenters from the community to teach the women who reside in the shelter about different topics. A few of the topics covered are: how to budget your money, effects of abuse on children, going back to school, various legal issues, and stress management.

Support Group
Along with the other violence against women counsellors in the shelter, the Outreach Counsellor also co-facilitates the “Healing” Support Group, which runs on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30 p.m. – 3 p.m. Please see ‘support groups’ for further information.

Discharge Preparation
Prior to leaving the shelter, residents will meet with the Outreach Counsellor who will provide them with a personalized discharge package of useful resources in the community where they are going to live.