Violence against women

Violence against women


Staff and volunteers of the Legal Support Program provide clients with information, advocacy, support and referrals to meet their legal needs and concerns as well as information about the family and criminal court systems is available. The FLRC also offers support and advocacy for court dates, meetings with lawyers, police, legal aid and the Crown Attorney.

The Legal Support Worker is not a lawyer.
She is able, however, to assist the families in the shelter by:
• Providing legal information and support
• Advocating on client’s behalf
• Referring clients to lawyers, legal aid, and/or other agencies as needed
• Explaining how the court systems work: Family, Criminal, Immigration
• Helping with filling out court guidelines/paperwork
• Assisting clients with police escorts, going to lawyer’s appointments, applying for legal aid

She will also continue to work with clients up to six months after they leave the shelter.

The client will receive information and assistance about:

• Custody of children
• Child support
• Spousal support
• Access to children
• Restraining orders
• Non-removal orders
• Separation agreements
• Exparte/Emergency Motions
• Consent to travel
• Property