Violence against women

Violence against women


The role of the Intake Worker is to answer the phone and provide the caller with support and answers to any questions they may have.

If a woman in distress calls needing help, the Intake Worker will speak with the woman about her safety and make sure she is able to continue the phone call.

Once safety is established, some questions may be asked of her in order to gather some more information about what is going on and why the woman is calling.

If the woman needs a safe place to go, the Intake Worker will assist her in finding one, whether it is a shelter or another safe place for her.

If this shelter has space and she meets the criteria to come here, the Intake Worker will inform the woman of her next steps and what she needs to do. If this shelter is full, the Intake Worker will provide information and assistance to get her to a place that is safe.

Any other distress calls will be handled appropriately with support and confidentiality.