Violence against women

Violence against women


Our intake process is a two part process.

Part 1 – Telephone Screening
Prospective clients are asked to call our office during normal business hours. (905) 820-8984. Any staff member can complete a telephone screening. This is a brief screening to determine eligibility and suitability for our agency. It is also a time when we can provide basic information and safety planning that may be helpful to a prospective client. Once a prospective client is deemed appropriate for our agency, they are placed on a waiting list for the next available counsellor. The length of the waiting list varies throughout the year. Prospective clients will be advised at the time of the telephone screening if there is a waiting list and the approximate wait time for counselling.

Part 2 – Intake Appointment – Counselling
When a counsellor has a space available for a client, she will contact that client and set up an appointment for that client to come to the office for an intake appointment. This appointment involves the completion of a more formal intake form and additional screening. It is possible that this process may take two appointments to complete. Once completed the client is scheduled for regular counselling appointments.

Part 2 – Intake Appointment – Groups
Our groups are open to appropriate clients who are receiving other services (eg counselling) at this agency and also to clients who are only interested in participating in groups. A prospective client on the waiting list for counselling can participate in groups during her time on the waiting list.

Once a staff member completes a telephone intake where the prospective client has indicated an interest in groups, her telephone intake form will be given to the Group Facilitator. The Group Facilitator will call the client and complete a more detailed Group Intake assessment over the phone. She will answer the questions that the woman might have regarding the groups and will identify with the client, the appropriate groups for her to attend.