Violence against women

Violence against women


Our groups are an important part of the therapeutic environment at FLRC. They all offer women ways to address their concerns in a supportive environment.

Healing Group (Tuesday Afternoon)

This is an opportunity for our clients and community women to come together to share their stories and experiences of abuse with each another. Here, women can explore their feelings and emotions while providing other women with support and encouragement. The Healing Group, when needed, brings up topics of discussion and is led by a Counsellor in the shelter.

Family Matters (Thursday Morning)

Facilitated by The Family Education Centre the Family Matters group teaches clients parenting skills. This is a mandatory group for the ladies. For two hours on Thursday mornings the group discusses a specific topic each week, including: different parenting styles, encouragement, misbehaviour, discipline, effects of violence and abuse on children, communication, and ‘winning at parenting without beating your kids.’ The women learn about parenting skills and are given an opportunity to share their experiences about what it is like to be a parent.

Life Skills (Thursday Evening)

This group assists clients in acquiring new skills and knowledge that would not only increase their self-esteem but hopefully improve their overall quality of life. The format of this group is a combination of lecture and discussion style where presenters from the community are brought in to enhance the client’s knowledge and/or skills around a variety of different topics.

Discovering Me (Friday Morning)

Facilitated by The Family Education Centre this mandatory group covers topics like: discovering my personality traits, discovering self-esteem, discovering change, discovering the art of assertiveness, discovering me — past, present, and future, discovering my feelings, discovering how to encourage myself, and discovering self-respect.

It attempts to take the women on a journey within themselves to look at elements they may not have had a chance to discover, or it allows them to rediscover these elements for themselves.